Welcome to Room 20


The year is winding down but there is much left to be done. Animal reports are finished and the students will begin their Powerpoint presentations in the computer lab next week. Students will choose their “favorite” 2nd grade book and create a cereal box and commercial. We will also hold nominations for this years favorite author, illustrator, as well as favorite genres. The results will be revealed at our annual Book Award ceremony. The students will write a biography  about a person who has made a “difference”. We are reading a fun story titled the Chocolate Touch. Can a person really only eat chocolate? The moral of the story will help students realize the difference between needs and wants. In science, we will learn about plants and their contribution to the ecosystem.


6/12- Hollywood Dress-Up

        Book Awards 12:45

6/13 Jack and the Beanstalk 9:25, 12:45

6/14 Crazy Hat and Sunglass Day

        Jack and the Beanstalk 9:25

        Class Party at Knotty Pine Park

6/ 17 Jack and the Beanstalk 9:25

6/18 Bower’s Museum Field Trip

6/19 Last Day of School 1:15 Dismissal after 6th Grade

        Clap Out


Bucket Fillers

Room 20 is a “bucket filling” classroom. Ask your child to learn more.

A Warm Welcome to Mrs. Rys

2nd Grade Class